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We wrote a book! Titled The Farm on the Roof: What Brooklyn Grange Taught Us about Entrepreneurship, Community, and Growing a Sustainable Business, it tells the story of how we built our business, grew it into what it is today, and the many bumps in the road we faced along the way.

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about our book...

We spent many an early morning and late afternoon reminiscing about how we launched our business and what lead us to do so, and Anastasia has woven our stories together into a narrative that’s funny, educational, and above all, unflinchingly honest. We’re so proud of this book, and we think you’ll enjoy it too. Here is some early praise that it’s gotten so far:

“Brooklyn Grange represents the best of passion and purity. Every page of this book oozes the sweet nectar of creativity, community, and commercial wisdom. That the story reads like a fast-paced novel simply confirms the power of visionary sustainable businesses.”
– Joel Salatin, Author, Farmer, and Owner of Polyface Farm

“This book answers the big, tormenting question: how can a small, organic, local farm become financially independent? It’s a blue print for the term “Sustainable Agriculture,” which requires not only that we don’t pollute Mother Earth, but that we find ways to make farming work financially in order to perpetuate and sustain it.”
– Isabella Rossellini, Actress, Filmmaker, Author, and Conservationist

“The remarkable tale of how a bunch of savvy do-gooders turned their socially conscious dreams into an innovative and economically thriving reality. The Farm on the Roof is an engrossing story of how hard work, ingenuity and an utter refusal to settle for the status quo led to the largest for profit green roof farm in the world.”
– Joe Bastianich, Restaurateur, author and TV personality

“Brooklyn Grange is the incredible rooftop farm I dream of seeing in every city across the country”
– Alice Waters, Owner, Chez Panisse Restaurant; Founder, the Edible Schoolyard Project

Here’s what our publisher has to say about it:

The founders of Brooklyn Grange, the world’s largest green rooftop farm, share their inspirational story of changing the world through entrepreneurship.

In their effort to build the world’s first and largest commercial green rooftop farm, the founders of Brooklyn Grange learned a lot about building and sustaining a business while never losing sight of their mission—to serve their community by providing delicious organic food and changing the way people think about what they eat. But their story is about more than just farming. It serves as an inspirational and instructional guide for anyone looking to start a business that is successful while making a positive impact.

In The Farm on the Roof, the team behind Brooklyn Grange tell the complete story of how their “farmily” made their dream a reality. Along the way, they share valuable lessons about finding the right partners, seeking funding, expanding, and identifying potential sources of revenue without compromising your core values—lessons any socially conscious entrepreneur can apply toward his or her own venture. Filled with colorful anecdotes about the ups and downs of farming in the middle of New York City, this story is not just about rooftop farming; it’s about utilizing whatever resources you have to turn your backyard idea into a sky-high success.