Brooklyn Grange offers a wide variety of landscaping services, including design, installation and maintenance of indoor and outdoor plantings. We’ve worked on a wide variety of projects, from residential terraces, yards and rooftops, to commercial installations ranging from green walls to green roofs. We integrate sustainability into every project, and take on long-term maintenance contracts to ensure the longevity and health of all of the gardens we build.


Brooklyn Grange designs, builds and maintains green roofs for private clients through the New York City area. We specialize in edible and native plant green roofs, and all of our installations are designed to be beautiful, ecological, and impactful. We have built green roofs on private homes, for non-profits, and for corporate buildings and offices. We will take on unusual and challenging jobs, and have built sloped green roofs, as well as moving existing green roofs, restoring them, and repurposing them.

Additionally, we specialize in helping building owners to find grants and financing for green roofs, and we will work in collaboration with structural engineers, architects, and other professionals to design and build the best fitting green roof for any building.


Brooklyn Grange designs, builds and maintains indoor and outdoor green walls throughout the New York City area. We specialize in edible and ornamental green walls, and have designed and built green walls for private residences, hotels, office spaces, and university campuses.


Brooklyn Grange is a leader in the urban agriculture movement worldwide, and we pride ourselves in helping people and institutions to build and operated their own urban farms and vegetable gardens. We design, install and maintain edible green roofs, planter boxes, green walls, and indoor installations for clients throughout the New York City area. We also consult for clients outside the region, and have provided urban farm designs and operational plans for aspiring urban farmers worldwide. Although we specialize in rooftop farms and gardens, we have also worked with terraces, yards, and indoor spaces.


Grow your own honey! Brooklyn Grange's experienced urban beekeepers can install and maintain bee hives at your home, business or school, and even train you how to maintain them yourself.

We also offer beekeeping workshops from time to time, so check out our events calendar to find out when the next one is coming up.


Brooklyn Grange designs, installs and maintains indoor plants and green walls for clients throughout the New York City area. We add lush indoor landscaping to commercial and office spaces, restaurants, educational spaces, and private residences. From large indoor trees and tropical plant installations, to indoor edible plants, to automatically irrigated green walls, we enjoy bringing greenery to urban interiors as a way to enhance workplace productivity, quality of life, and overall wellness.


Our team cares for green roofs, gardens, green walls and trees throughout New York City. We provide organic and sustainable garden maintenance services to residential clients as well as offices, restaurants and large commercial spaces. Whether you're looking for someone to freshen up and maintain your existing green space, or you're trying to transition over to a more sustainable maintenance plan, we're here to help. Contact our team for a quote at


Brooklyn Grange designs, installs and repairs patios and decks for clients throughout the New York City area. We specialize in rooftop patios paired with green roofs, but we have built patios and decks on the ground level as well, and always aim to balance the goals of the client with the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly stone and wood options available.


Brooklyn Grange designs, installs and maintains urban tree pits, sidewalk plantings, and entryway landscaping for clients throughout the New York City area. We have installed and maintained trees and tree pits, planter boxes with flowers, shrubs and seasonal plantings, as well as window boxes and trellises.


As part of Brooklyn Grange's mission to create diverse ecological sites, water features are highly recommended if site conditions allow. Ponds, whether incorporated into ground level gardens or on green roofs, may host an array of plants, aid in developing an ecologically rich environment for wildlife, as well as enhance the beauty of a landscaped space. Additionally, water features may be designed to serve as storm water retention features, directing excess overflow to surrounding vegetation and exposing a gravel bed as water evaporates during dry spells. Incorporating a water feature into a design can set a project apart as well as help to move ecological and innovative design forward.


In partnership with In-Lite, a high quality outdoor lighting company based in the Netherlands, Brooklyn Grange designs and installs LED outdoor lighting schemes. From rear yards and indoor scapes to green roofs and water features, Brooklyn Grange encourages the implementation of a unique lighting design to highlight any and all landscaped areas. Equipped with light sensors, the lighting scheme can be used efficiently, regardless of season. Lighting plans may also be outfitted with multiple transformers in order to enhance various zones at different times.