Brooklyn grange is committed to sharing our farms with the community.

Everyone is welcome at Brooklyn Grange.

Brooklyn Grange recognizes the diversity of our community's abilities and needs, and we are striving to offer a diversity of services to ensure that all visitors are able to experience and enjoy our space.

Our LIC, Queens farm is wheelchair accessible. There is a lift in the lobby of the building that assists those with limited mobility up the short flight of stairs to an elevator which brings guests directly to the roof. Our central path at this location are wide enough for a single wheelchair to pass comfortably and safely. Farms present unique challenges: dirt and stone pathways crisscrossed by irrigation lines can be difficult spaces for a wheelchair to traverse. Typically, non-motorized wheelchairs do better in our spaces.

ASL interpreters and enhanced visual description guides are available for tours with 3 weeks advanced notice. 

If you have suggestions on ways we can make our spaces more inclusive, please do not hesitate to send them our way.