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Nectar of the Gods: Honey & Mead Tasting

  • Brooklyn Grange Clinton Avenue and Flushing Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11205 United States (map)

Event Description

Many view honey simply as a sweetener to add to tea or drizzle over yogurt. Yet, prior to the ubiquity of refined sugar, honey was a household staple used for cooking, baking, fermenting, beauty treatments, medicine, even wound healing. Cleopatra famously bathed in milk and honey; Hippocrates lauded its virtue as a cough remedy; ancient Olympians loaded up on it for boosted energy. Throughout the ages and across continents, multitudes revered this golden nectar of the gods for its curative properties and sweetness; nowadays it’s enjoying a renaissance of popularity due to its all-natural, artisanal, beekeeper-to-table appeal.

With honey consumption/ popularity on the rise, it’s only natural that other hive products rise with it, as we see propolis, pollen, and even beeswax getting their turn in the spotlight. But something else is also beginning to sneak into your local bars, and wine shops, something these ancient gods drank, an alcoholic beverage known only as mead or "honey wine".

Not only is mead the oldest known fermented beverage, but it also happens to be the broadest and most diverse, with its principal provenance of alcohol derived from honey. It can be sweet, dry and even sparkling. This workshop will give you a chance to explore the booming craft mead industry and debunk myths that may have steered you away from this nectar in the past.

In the final class of our beekeeping 101 series, you’ll get an in-depth look at the complex flavors that compose both honey and mead as we taste samples from all over the United States, pairing types of honey with similar mead counterparts. This tasting is the ultimate palate training: the different properties and taste profiles of different nectar sources are immediately apparent in honey, and the mead it produces. Some would argue they are even more terroir-expressive than wine.  You’ll explore these nectar sources and figure out which ones you love and which ones you could live without.

You'll leave a regular connoisseur of this sweet, sticky substance in all its forms.

Mutiny Distribution is the world's first alcohol distributor exclusively focused on session (draft) and traditional style mead. Comprised of a rowdy group of freedom fighters, Mutiny is the juncture in which the articulation of craftsmanship and the voice of the shelves coalesce. With the French Revolution as inspiration, Mutiny intends to shepherd a coup d’état within the craft beverage market and bring this storied libation to the masses.

For those that have always felt the commodity laden alcohol industry has to have more to offer, recognize the healthy characteristics and positive environmental impact of mead, or are simply seeking something novel and avant-garde, this is your category. At Mutiny, we're not storming the Bastille, we're storming the bar.


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