Office Manager

Stephanie Diaz was born and raised between 24-hour bodegas in Queens and delivery menus in Manhattan, where she developed a love for all things edible. It wasn't until studying Earth and Environmental Science at Wesleyan University that Stephanie realized the biggest problem in her Colombian-American urban upbringing: food apartheid. It was this realization that sparked her passion for urban agriculture and lead her to work and teach on various farms around the globe, including Growing Underground, situated in old World War II tunnels... 108 feet below London’s busy streets! Upon her return to New York City, Stephanie arrived to join us 11 stories above New York City’s sidewalks as a Farm Crew member and City Growers farm educator. Using her dynamic skill set, she now works as Brooklyn Grange’s first Office Manager and can be found taking on special projects, providing a last minute hand for events, or organizing a team potluck! After business hours, Stephanie is a staple at concerts and board game clubs. Don’t get her started on social deduction game-play theory!