We love spreading the word, and with a decade of rooftop farming under our belts, we literally wrote the book on this whole business of sky-high urban farming. We’ve spoken to audiences far and wide on topics from socially responsible business to Smart Cities to the future of food. Check out Anastasia and Ben’s speaker profiles, below, or head over to our People Page to check out our full lineup of experts, then reach out to inquire about booking us at Info@BrooklynGrangeFarm.com!


Vice President and co-founder, Anastasia Cole Plakias, is available to speak about the challenges and benefits of running a social enterprise. An unlikely farmer, Anastasia was born and raised in Manhattan's West Village and spent several years in corporate hospitality prior to building the Grange's first farm. An energetic and passionate speaker, she offers up insight on the social benefits of urban agriculture, how ecological sustainability can benefit any business, and why diversifying revenue streams is more than just a smart financial strategy. She takes a frank, conversational approach to discussing food, farming, urban planning, and community building, including some of the following topics:

- The Farm on the Roof: What Brooklyn Grange Taught Us About Entrepreneurship, Community, and Growing a Sustainable Business

- The Fourth P: How Partnerships Build Healthy Business Ecosystems

- The Citizen Farmer: Why Consumers are Demonstrating a Renewed Interest in Local, Sustainable Farming and Gardening



Director of Agriculture and President, Ben Flanner, is available to speak about the data-driven systems optimization he brings to bear on the business. The original innovator behind soil rooftop farming, Ben spent years working as a consultant before making the leap from desk jockey to urban farming. He shares his pioneering foresight in informative presentations on the nuts and bolts of running an urban farm. Many brilliant farmers can discuss agriculture, but Ben's unique perspective on farming in an artificial and often challenging environment provides rare insight on urban design, food production, and the adaptability of business in general. Presentation topics include:

- Applying Traditional Business Fundamentals to the Social Enterprise: How to Balance Budgets Without Sacrificing Your Mission

- Using a Farmer's Toolkit to Address Business Challenges

- Reclaiming Nature: Practicing Agriculture on Manufactured Land

- How has rooftop farming evolved the green roof industry?


Please see our People page for the full lineup of our team members, who are available to speak about their own areas of expertise!