Seth Johnson, Farm Manager, Brooklyn Grange

Farm Manager, LIC Farm

Seth Johnson comes from a long line of Southern farmers. He began his tenure under the watchful eye of his Grandmother–Nonnie, as she was called–whose hobby farm he helped tend, growing corn, peas, squash, and even raising donkeys. So, it was a natural progression when he began experimenting with cooking in High School, and came as no surprise when he enrolled at the International Culinary Center in 2010. From there, Seth made his way from downtown hotspot Tipsy Parson, to the kitchens at Google Headquarters, and worked at Corbin Hill Food Project in Harlem, teaching cooking and canning classes for their CSA. But the field called to him, and before long he found himself volunteering at Stonebarns Center. There, he rekindled his love for working outside, growing the vegetables that he had become so adept at cooking, and yearned to change the way people ate by committing himself to a career in farming. So, in 2016 he followed his passion for growing fresh, healthy food for his NYC community and joined the team at Brooklyn Grange. He has never looked back, finding deep fulfillment in sharing the farm with friends and family by cooking meals for them composed of produce he himself grew. When he’s not dancing his way through a rainy harvest to a Donna Summer song, or sharing a batch of traditional Southern baked goods with grateful fellow farmers, he can be found pressing flowers, pickling okra, or refurbishing a cast iron skillet to add to his collection.