VEGGIEPALOOZA! - August 16th, 2017

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VEGGIEPALOOZA! - August 16th, 2017


Wednesday, August 16th, 2017
6:30 - 9:30PM
Brooklyn Grange, Brooklyn Navy Yard

Event Description: 
We love vegetables and hey, we might be biased but, we think ours are some of the very best. We spend the summer counting the days until our favorite crops are in season: from crisp, flavorful greens to super-sweet, vine-ripened tomatoes, pungent peppers, tangy ground cherries, creamy eggplant, fragrant basils the list goes on.

We love them so much we think that they deserve to be treated like the main-attraction every now and then. We’ve enlisted an all-star team of Chefs working in some of the most innovative, plant-focused restaurants in the city to show our veggies what it means to be treated well, really well.

Dinner will start with a cocktail hour during which guests can sip on a summery garden-to-glass cocktail and snack on pickled veggies while watching the sun set over our stunning Manhattan skyline view.  We'll then move on to a family-style, four-course dinner served down the length of a gorgeous banquet table.


Chef Sunny Lee of Insa & Ajjuma presents a pickled vegetable medley  

Chef John McCarthy of Crimson Sparrow presents TBD

Chef Eldad Shem Tov of Glasserie presents Eggplant

Chef Neal Harden of ABCV presents the Tomato

Chefs Allison Kave & Keavy Landreth of Butter and Scotch present the Carrot two ways!

In the spirit of the diversity of September's harvest, and as a nod to an old family tradition, we ask that everyone bring their own plate! Harvest is all about sharing with community and your plates will add color and a bit of your personality to our table, so dig deep into those cabinets and grab your favorite dish.

Here's to vegetables, let's eat and enjoy!!



plant based, non gmo, sustainable, artisanal and organic whenever possible. locally and globally from small & family farms. abcV is here to serve, inform and inspire a cultural shift towards plant based intelligence, through creativity and deliciousness.offering high vibration foods, embracing balance with beauty wellness wisdom & nurture our personal and planetary ecosystems.

Glasserie believes in good food. We do our best to find the freshest and most superior product from as close to us as possible. We then manipulate the product as little as possible to achieve the desired result and still honor the integrity of the plant or animal in its original form. We value old recipes from our grandmother. 


The Crimson Sparrow builds on all of John’s reverence and experience in cooking with Asian flavors utilizing French technique. The Crimson Sparrow’s Tasting Menu is a foray into all of these complex, rich and unexpected flavors. It changes approximately every two to three weeks, to reflect seasonality. In addition, some of the best elements of the seasonal menu can be sampled at the bar as part of the restaurant’s a la carte menu all of which have a true pact with the cellar and beverage program.

Garden-to-glass Cocktails

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