July 23 - Monday Evening Yoga

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July 23 - Monday Evening Yoga


Every Monday, loosen up with Sarah Schumann of Prospect Heights’ Shambhala Yoga and Dance Center. Shaped within a 60 minute, all levels asana (yoga postures) practice, the beauty and wisdom of nature will inspire us to slow and find a deeper breath, to root down and rise up, to notice the details and celebrate the expansive. Class will begin with a brief centering, a collection of ourselves in breath and space, and will gently evolve into a flow of movement and meditation. In community, we’ll move, breathe and connect to our inner and outer landscapes.

About Sarah Schumann:
Sarah Schumann became a yoga “teacher” simply because of an inherent urge to be a student. She finds that through sharing her practice with others she is continually curious about her own breath, her own movement, and how she connects through herself to the world around her. Her classes are a reflection of this: an evolution of collective experimentation and discovery.

What to bring:
 yoga mat
 eye mask or light scarf
 light blanket
 refillable water bottle

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