Butcher Paper Dinner: Brunch for Dinner

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Butcher Paper Dinner: Brunch for Dinner


Egg Does Brunch for Dinner
July 29, 3pm - 7pm
Brooklyn Grange,
Flagship Farm in Long Island City

We were so excited to snag the team at Egg for a Butcher Paper Dinner first, Brunch!

But this isn’t just any old brunch, Chef Evan Hanczor is a man of principles and that’s one of the reasons why we love him so much. He believes that restaurants must also be a force for social good. When he cooks he’s not just doing it because it tastes good, he has a hope and a dream that every person who eats his food will feel satisfied, energized, inspired and resilient. Like us, he cares about both people and the planet. He works to improve soil (did you know that Egg also operates a farm in the Catskills?), and to support local farmers and purveyors. Ultimately the folks at Egg have a goal to make good, sustainably-raised and carefully produced food available to more and more people, and that’s a brunch we can get behind.

Bottom line is that Chef Evan Hanczor will be cooking up the best chicken and biscuits you’ve ever had and WE ARE SO EXCITED.

Add in a DJ, cold beer, NY state wine, and sunset views over the Manhattan skyline and you’ve got yourself one of the most memorable afternoons of all time.  


3pm - 4pm: Snacks, drinks, explore the farm

4pm: Dinner is served!

Chicken & Biscuits
Farm Veggies
Dessert by Whisk Me Away Cakes

Blue Point Brewing 
NY State Wine

Just one sip of Blue Point beer and you’ll find yourself at the boatyard hanging with friends, brewers, and a few seagulls. That’s because after years of brewing (but mostly drinking - don’t let our brewers tell you otherwise), Blue Point knows it takes a hometown brew to live up to New York standards.

Whisk Me Away Cakes is an original blend of art, activism and storytelling. Through desserts, we gather diverse communities to engage in conversations that lead to advocacy, action, and change. 

The restaurant critics at The New Yorker and New York magazine recognize that Evan Hanczor’s commitment to local and heirloom ingredients and his strongly held values about sustainable agriculture are the foundation of his contemporary American cooking that puts him and his restaurant Egg in the center of the Brooklyn culinary renaissance. And while Hanczor is famous for the brunches he serves at Egg, he was equally celebrated for the sophisticated, seasonal farm-to-table food he prepared at Parish Hall and now reprises in the evenings at Egg. This is the cooking has brought him media attention and adoring fans at special James Beard Foundation dinners and programs, such as the Foundation’s Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change. Whether it’s a comforting brunch or an elegant evening affair, Hanczor is a rising star of American cuisine and the issues shaping our food future.

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