Compost Dinner - July 25, 2018

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Compost Dinner - July 25, 2018

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July 25, 2018
6 - 7PM VIP Cocktail Hour (VIP Ticket must be purchased ahead of time to attend)
7 - 10 pm Main Event
Brooklyn Grange, Brooklyn Navy Yard

Event Description:
As people who spend our days farming we strive to see as little food waste as possible. Simply stated, wasted food is wasted energy. So we look for ways we can cut down, we turn bruised peppers into hot sauce and split tomatoes into sauce. After our big butcher paper dinners, crab and crawfish bodies are added into our compost. As the shells break down, the calcium and other nutrients help enrich the soil. But what about the crops that we simply don't have a market for? The edible weeds and seeds that are found in abundance on our farm but at the end of the day are not harvested because we don't have a buyer. As farmers we are just one part of the equation. We need creative chefs who are looking to solve the same problems we are and are considering the full picture.

In steps chef Winston Chiu of BonBite. When he came to us with the idea of a compost dinner, where the whole focus is to create a whole meal from crops that would otherwise be considered waste, we were more than intrigued. We were excited. The chef will be working with our farmers over the next several months to glean from the edges of the fields, gathering all the ingredients he needs to make a bountiful meal.

It's a farm dinner of epic proportions and you are invited to the feast!

Entrees will be served family style. Menu and more details coming soon!

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