Butcher Paper Dinner: Crab Boil

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Butcher Paper Dinner: Crab Boil


Duck’s Eatery’s Famous Crab Boil
August 26th , 3pm - 7pm
Brooklyn Grange,
Flagship Farm in Long Island City

This is where it all began folks. Six years ago, when Butcher Paper Dinners were just a sparkle in our eye, rockstar chef Will Horowitz of the East Village's Duck's Eatery signed on to serve up our very first Crab Boil and Butcher Paper Dinner.

We knew we liked Chef Will right away when we jokingly suggested that we bring the crabs to the table in a wheelbarrow, and he was on board.  This guy -- this was our kinda guy -- and he still is.  And did we mention, he can cook!  With a Southeast-Asian-Cajun-influence and a decidedly-DIY vibe, Horowitz is a grower of mushrooms, a smoker of meats, a curer, pickler, fermentor and just generally a man who plays with his food.

This is his sixth annual Butcher Paper dinner, but we’ve officially decided to stop counting! Chef Horowitz will be slinging fresh oysters, followed by a bountiful crab boil piled high along our enormous reclaimed-oak communal table. Stunning views of Long Island City and the Manhattan skyline will present a little eye candy to offset the savory feast.

Add in sweet tunes, local brews, fine NY State wines and you've got yourself an afternoon.

Basically, it's gonna be one heck of a party.







3pm - 4pm: Snacks, drinks, explore the farm

4pm: Dinner is served!


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