Thanks for your interest in taking a tour of Brooklyn Grange! Private tours of both farms are available by request Monday through Friday April 15th through November 15th; Standard Tours are also available in peak season (mid-May through October) on Saturday afternoons at our Long Island City location, and Sunday afternoons at our Brooklyn Navy Yard location. We can accommodate groups of one to 25 people on private tours (though groups of four or fewer may elect to join a public, ticketed tour). Groups larger than 25 people will be split into multiple tours. Read on for descriptions of our tours, and scroll down to request the one you'd like to book!

Please allow up to 3 days for a response. If your request is within 72 hours, also email

Standard Tours are lead by one of our dynamic, knowledgable guides, offer a basic overview of Brooklyn Grange, and last about 60 minutes. This tour is perfect for curious community members, tourists, college and graduate level student groups, and/or enthusiastic green thumbs!
COST: $250
DURATION: 60 minutes

Founder's Tours are typically lead by Co-Founder, Vice President, and resident storyteller, Anastasia Cole Plakias, and offer an opportunity to hear firsthand how the farm came to be, what the greatest benefits and challenges are to farming on rooftops, and how a few young entrepreneurs managed to create a fiscally sustainable urban agriculture business in one of the most competitive cities in the world. These tours can be focused on a specific topic or topics by request, and will be tailored to the interests of your group based on who you are and the purpose of your visit. This tour is perfect for those with a keen curiosity about the business aspects of Brooklyn Grange and rooftop farming, or who want to hear a first person account of the farm's genesis and operations.
COST: $400
DURATION: 75 minutes

Please fill out the request form below, and don't worry too much about giving us exact answers now! If your group changes in size or we have to adjust the date/time, we can certainly do so over email!


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We can lead tours of up to 25 people. Groups larger than 25 will be split into multiple tours with multiple tour guides and charged accordingly.
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One of the best parts about visiting our farms is the iconic views and imagery! We love it when visitors take pictures and video to remember their visit. Feel free to tag us on social @BrooklynGrange, #BrooklynGrange and geotag our locations! But please take note of the following restrictions on all pictures, video, and Media created on our premises: · We encourage you to take as many pictures, video and media as you like of any sort for personal use only. · Any Media created on premises may not be use for promotional, commercial, or editorial purposes without the written permission of Brooklyn Grange LLC. · Any Media created on premises may not be given, licensed, or otherwise transferred to any third party without the written permission of Brooklyn Grange LLC. · If you have an opportunity to use your Media for promotional, commercial, or editorial purposes, please contact us as we are generally supportive once we have reviewed the proposed use.
Feel free to include background on your group, special interests/topics you'd like covered, etc.


Brooklyn Grange will always consider leading a pro-bono or reduced fee tour for community-based 501c3 non-profits working towards social or environmental justice missions. Brooklyn Grange recognizes that everyone’s situation is unique and we understand that there are circumstances beyond income, but please consider that we have our own bottom line to hit, and an ecosystem whose health depends on the financial sustainability of our organization. Please endeavor to find a source of funding to cover the cost of your visit before requesting a reduced-fee or pro-bono tour. Note that we we may ask for proof of 501c3 status or other relevant documentation before we are able to make a determination of eligibility.