Photography and Media Rules & Policies

One of the best parts about visiting our farms is the iconic views and imagery!  We love it when visitors take pictures and video to remember their visit.  Feel free to tag us on social @BrooklynGrange, #brooklyngrange and geotag our locations!  But please take note of the following restrictions on all pictures, video, and Media created on our premises:

  • You may take pictures, video, audio recording, and media (Media) for personal use only.
  • Any Media created on premises may not be used for promotional, commercial, or editorial purposes without the written permission of Brooklyn Grange, nor may it be given, licensed, or otherwise transferred to any third party without the written permission of Brooklyn Grange.
  • Any Media shared on personal social channels must be specifically geo tagged/location tagged to “Brooklyn Grange”.
  • If you have an opportunity to use your Media for promotional, commercial, or editorial purposes, please contact us, as we may be supportive once we have reviewed the proposed use.
  • Professional scale or otherwise intrusive equipment is prohibited.  Examples include but are not limited to: reflectors, tripods, and microphones.
  • Brooklyn Grange retains any and all rights to any Media created on its premises.