Navy Yard Rooftop Farm

Our second farm, located atop Building no. 3 at the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, is a massive 65,000 sq ft roof towering twelve stories over the East River. Installed in 2012, the farm is covered in 10-12″ of Rooflite Intensive Ag blend,  The lion’s share of the financing for the installation of the Navy Yard farm was granted by the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP’s) Green Infrastructure Stormwater Management Initiative. We manage over one million gallons of stormwater each year, easing the burden on the overtaxed Red Hook Wastewater Pollution Control Plant, which services 32,000 acres of Northwest Brooklyn, and ultimately reduce the amount of waste water that overflows into our city’s open waterways. The Navy Yard is New York legend: ask any octogenarian in the area and they’ll tell you a story about a spouse or sibling who worked there way back when.  At present, the Navy Yard continues to encompass several fully functional dry docks as well as several dozen of New York City’s most exciting businesses, artists and innovators.



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