Greenhouse Manager

Maya Kutz came aboard Brooklyn Grange in spring of 2019 as Greenhouse Manager to help launch the business's first ever hydroponic growing operation at the Sunset Park farm. Maya is no stranger to launching projects. Since obtaining her B.S. in Engineering Science in 2015, she has been the very first employee at several innovative farming operations, including a a 50-fish aquaponic system and an 80-tower garden farm. Starting things requires learning on the go, and Maya has always made space for sharing that knowledge with others, having taught a Hydroponics course at NY Botanical Garden, and trained the many new team members at the start-ups she helped get off the ground. 

Maya gives her parents credit for raising her to love good food, instilling in her at an early age an appreciation for Brooklyn’s best bakeries and produce stands. When Maya’s not making a masterful spreadsheet or designing a hydroponic system in 2D CAD, she can be found wandering NYC on foot, reading comics, or hanging out at NYC Resistor, a hackerspace where she tinkers with power tools, laser cutters, and crafts.