The first time we spotted our flagship farm on Northern Boulevard, we knew we’d found our home. Erected in 1919, this 43,000 sq ft behemoth is built like a rock, with a solid concrete slab roof and enough rebar to withstand three times the load of our 10″ of rooflite soil and plants. Located just over the 39th St bridge on the Astoria side of Long Island City, our flagship farm is lucky enough to make its home in one of the most multicultural communities in the world. And just as diverse as our neighborhood, the Standard Motor Products building on which the farm sits hosts an amazing variety of businesses, including its namesake, the original American car parts manufacturer, Jim Henson studios, and a newly opened restaurant, Coffeed, which features our shelf stable farm products. Owned and operated by Jeff Rosenblum and Ashish Dua of Acumen Capital Partners, 37-18 Northern Boulevard hosts a weekly market and open house, and is home to a daily spirit of creativity, building-wide!


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