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Director of Farming Operations

Liz Dowd was born in Vermont and raised in tent forts she would build in the woods behind her family’s house. Her parents were homesteaders, and Liz delighted in working hard alongside them, stacking wood, sifting compost, and spreading that compost across the garden before transplanting the seedlings they’d nurtured through germination. Upon moving to New York City to study photography, she found that she loved the culture but missed the dirt, and her yearning for soil and seeds led her to the Pfieffer Center, where she studied biodynamics, and NY Open Center, where she dove into urban permaculture. After completing their Adult Urban Farm Training Program, Liz was offered a co-manager position at The Youth Farm, where she found herself energized and inspired by teaching and learning from her cohort, and the challenging discussions about food justice that regularly took place. She continues to be passionate about working with–and for–her community, creating an engaging space where her neighbors can find nourishment, relaxation, and a connection to food, farming, and nature. But while Liz encourages others to relax when they visit Brooklyn Grange, she herself is a blur of activity, channeling the efficiency she learned during a decade and a half in some of NYC’s best and busiest restaurants. She loves to create systems that help her team get more done in a shorter time, and loathes the birds that regularly throw wrenches in those systems. When she’s not at the farm, she’s usually hatching plots to outwit the clever urban pigeons that eat the seeds she’s sown. When the birds allow, she loves to spend time picnicking in the park with her wife and son.