Joan Ferreira, Project Manager, Design/Build

Joan Ferreira
Project Manager, Design/Build

An experienced carpenter and horticulturalist, Joan Ferreira joined our Design/Build team in spring 2018 as Project Manager. With a background in high-end landscape and interior design, Joan's expertise in woodworking and hardscaping is a welcome addition to our services portfolio. He first became passionate about designing and building green spaces while majoring in art history at City College. There, Joan began thinking about gardens as compositions, viewing empty lots and barren rooftops as a blank canvasses, and ecosystems as the palettes with which to paint them. He loves the sense of possibility he feels just before diving into a new project, and the fresh opportunity each design/build job presents to use plants as a building material. When Joan isn't thinking about how best to utilize vegetation to create more sustainable cities, he's usually working on a woodworking project, cooking up a homegrown meal, or hanging with his girlfriend and his cat.