Bees & honey

Brooklyn Grange produces hundreds of pounds of New York City honey each year from our naturally-managed beehives. Find our honey at either of our weekly farm stands! Please note: we do not wholesale cases of honey as we sell out of the limited amount that we produce via our own markets.


As with our farms, our apiaries are located on the rooftops of New York City buildings and are registered with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. We operate nearly 20 hives for our farming business, where we harvest the honey for sale at our weekly farm stands. These hives are located on our rooftop farms in Brooklyn and Queens, as well as on neighboring buildings in Long Island City and in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. We also have service contracts and partnerships at a dozen sites throughout New York and New Jersey, including residential, commercial, and non-profit locations.

At all of our apiaries, our team employs sustainable management practices to maximize hive health. While honey production is always a goal, maintaining the welfare of the bees is primary, and we emphasize Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a science-based, organic approach to pest and disease management.


Education, research and partnerships are all critical elements of our beekeeping program at Brooklyn Grange. We work with non-profits, including The Doe Fund and City Growers, to promote bee education, and in 2011 we founded the NYC Honey Fest, which brings hundreds of New Yorkers and dozens of beekeepers and honey-based companies together each year to celebrate and learn about bees. We also host an annual Beekeeping Education Program, which trains new beekeepers at our Apiary in the Navy Yard over the course of 8 months. Education, research and raising awareness is baked into the fabric of our company as a whole, and our apiary is just one part of the ongoing projects and partnerships that make Brooklyn Grange one of the centers of urban ecology and green roof research in New York.