Head Beekeeper

Geraldine grew up spending summers on her grandparents’ farm in Belgium, where her grandfather and uncle kept a small apiary. It was there that her love and appreciation of bees would develop, but it took decades and a move to New York City to bring Geraldine into the world of professional beekeeping.

Prior to entering the beekeeping world, Geraldine spent nearly a decade working for the French Trade Commission and Crédit Mutuel CM-CIC. She has a degree in Economics and Sociology from McGill University, and continues to do small business consulting, but has largely pivoted from the world of trade and finance, taking on a new career in conservation and food systems.

2019 will be Geraldine’s fourth season in the hives. In addition to her work with Brooklyn Grange, Geraldine has been assisting her friend and mentor Tom Wilk of Wilk Apiaries, maintaining hives throughout Queens. Geraldine is an active member of the NYC beekeeping community, dedicated to furthering research and awareness of urban bees. She is a voracious reader and committed learner, which is critical in the urban beekeeping environment, where new challenges, developments and findings are revealed each year. When she doesn't have her hands in a hive, she can be found exploring the city's parks and waterways or at a local brewery, connecting with her Belgian roots.