our csa program

Becoming a CSA member means a weekly supply of freshly picked produce straight from our farm! Each week's share varies throughout the season based on ripeness and flavor. Periodically, we may include special items such as microgreens or edible flowers, a farm tote bag, or our own jarred goods like hot sauce and honey. 

Brooklyn Grange Flagship Farm Building
37-18 Northern Blvd at 38th St, LIC, Queens 11101
Conveniently located 1 block from the R/M train on the Astoria and Long Island City border in Queens
(We no longer offer a CSA pickup from our Brooklyn Navy Yard location)

VEGETABLE SHARE:                                                                FLOWER SHARE: 
PRICE: $25.00 per week for 23 weeks = $575.00                PRICE: $12/week for 15 weeks = $180
PICK UP DATES & TIMES:                                                        PICKUP DATES & TIMES:
Saturdays, mid-May through late October, 11am – 4pm          Saturdays, late June through September
Tuesdays, mid-May through late October, 3pm – 7pm           Tuesdays, late June through September


Thanks for joining the waitlist for our 2019 CSA! Signing up here does not guarantee you membership to the CSA program, but gives you first right of refusal for spots that open up, so put your name down and we'll be in touch!

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New members frequently ask what they can expect to find in their shares. Below are sample shares taken from our 2017 membership records. What’s included varies throughout the season, though every share will include at least one salad green and one sautéing or braising green. You’ll notice that in spring, shares tend to trend towards cool weather leaves like salad mixes, kale and herbs (and therefore tend to be lighter in weight/value), while in midsummer nightshades and cucurbits rule, and fall sees more root veggies. We aim to exceed the market value of your share each week, and if our harvest ends up being a bit light in the beginning of the year, you can rest assured that we will make up for it with a greater bounty in summer! Indeed, by the year's end the value of your CSA membership exceeds the price you've paid and will include a few exclusive goodies you won't find on our market table!

Our shares are extremely seasonal, ensuring that we’re offering a balanced diet as mother nature intended it! We recommend them for one person who cooks vegetarian meals at home most nights, two people who cook omnivorous meals 3-4 nights a week, or to supplement the shopping needs of a larger residence.

Sweet lettuce mix, chives, hakurei turnips, escarole, french breakfast radishes, mint, lacinato kale, sunflower shoots

A quart of heirloom tomatoes, basil, arugula, leeks, shishito peppers, garlic, cucumbers, onions, fairytale eggplant

Mustard greens mix, carrots, jalapeños, ground cherries, onions, bok choy, rainbow chard, sweet bell peppers

See below for some examples of the colorful, flavorful veggie shares we've put together in the past!

Flower shares will include one bouquet per week of seasonal wildflowers grown right on the roof! Break your bouquets up into smaller arrangements for multiple rooms, or select out a few individual blooms to place in bud vases on your bathroom counter, bedside table, etc. Nothing perks up a room like fresh flowers!

See below for some examples of the beautiful, colorful, fragrant flower shares we've put together in the past!