Ceci De Corral, Director of Design/Build at Brooklyn Grange

Director, Design/Build

Hailing from the tropics of Puerto Rico and Miami, Cecilia "Ceci" de Corral moved to New York to study design at Parsons in 2007. Since then she has spent time teaching at schools across Brooklyn and Queens, spreading the importance of art, growing veggies, and cooking good meals with the youth of New York.  Ceci has committed herself to making the city a greener and happier place. Ceci now works designing, building, and maintaining gardens, and can typically be found hustling materials around, dead heading flowers, and researching plants. When she's not busy pruning our city's landscape she can be found baking bread at home in Bed-Stuy or going for long walks (always noting which tree pits or sidewalk planters should get a good pruning).