Ceci De Corral, Director of Design/Build at Brooklyn Grange

Director, Design/Build

Hailing from the tropics of Puerto Rico and Miami, Cecilia "Ceci" de Corral moved to New York to study design at Parsons New School for Design in 2007. Following the receipt of her BFA, Ceci worked for several non-profit organizations, and in 2012, fueled by a passion for arts and education, she co-founded Arts in Parts, a non-profit education hub based in Rockaway geared towards reinvigorating community youth post-Hurricane Sandy. As Ceci developed the organization, her search for ways to incorporate food independence amongst the community led her to Brooklyn Grange, and in 2014 she joined the farm crew. 

Prior to becoming Director of Brooklyn Grange’s Design/Build arm, Ceci held various roles with the company, including that of farmer, maintenance gardener, and project manager. She believes that the development of green spaces in the city is crucial to the development of ecological communities, inclusive of our own experiences. By partnering with local growers, her designs aim to include as many native plants as possible, creating beautiful and healthy landscapes. By doing so, she believes that Brooklyn Grange can play a role in educating the community on not only the benefits of green roofs, but also the importance of activating spaces with non-invasive plant species that may serve wildlife for years to come. In addition to spearheading the design of various projects, Ceci oversees the amazing team that manages all off-site, client-based projects, from green roof construction, to indoor plant installations, to the maintenance of various sites across our city. 

Ceci is currently spearheading the development of Brooklyn Grange's OSHA program, and herself carries an OSHA 30 Hour training certification. She has co-taught Green Roof Ecology at The New School annually since 2016 alongside Timon McPhearson, facilitating student conversations around our local plant and wildlife communities. 

When she's not busy designing, bidding, or building, she can be found baking bread, quilting, or going for long walks, always noting along the way which tree pits or sidewalk planters should get a good pruning.