2018 BUTCHER PAPER DINNERS are sold out!

Join us next year, or visit our Upcoming events calendar for other great opportunities to visit the farm this summer! 

– THE 2018 LINE UP –
*SOLD OUT* Kick Off the Season with a Classic Crawfish Boil | June 3, 3pm - 7pm
*SOLD OUT* Butcher Bar Hosts Their Fourth Annual "Pull Your Own Pork" Event | June 17, 3pm - 7pm
*SOLD OUT* Evan from Egg Serves Up Brunch for Dinner | July 29, 3pm - 7pm
*SOLD OUT* Duck's Eatery's Famous Crab Boil  | August 26, 3pm - 7pm
*SOLD OUT* The Meat Hook presents Choucroute Garnie | September 16, 3pm - 7pm
*SOLD OUT* Butcher Bar delivers on their epic season salute known as Ribfest  | September 23, 3pm - 7pm 


Butcher Paper Dinners are our favorite way to spend Sunday afternoons during farm season! This series of inventive, sustainable dinner parties center around one incredible table at our Flagship Farm in Long Island City; our massive, fifty foot, reclaimed oak communal table sits amongst the beds of vegetables, with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. Covered in a roll of butcher paper, this table becomes the centerpiece for family style feasts from some of our favorite chefs in NYC.


A rotating lineup of the city’s most innovative chefs will bring their unique culinary stylings to play with the farm’s fresh, seasonal produce, serving family-style meals directly atop the paper-lined table.  Seasonal celebrations are our favorite so you’ll see a lot of classic summer meals in our lineup; think crab boils, pig roasts, ribs, and crawfish for starters!  We let the chefs run wild with their visions so no two meals are ever alike.

Butcher Paper Dinners also encourage full-circle dining; in other words, no waste! Dinner parties can produce a lot more trash than you would expect, but we are determined to do it differently. What does that mean? Our incredible food is served directly on the butcher paper, no paper napkins or disposable cups to be seen, and at the end of the dinner we roll everything up and throw it in the compost. Good food, great times, no waste! We like it.

What’s more, when you’re eating with your hands around a communal table, you truly engage with your food and your neighboring diners. Serenaded by sweet soulful tunes from our favorite DJs and sipping on local New York state brews and wine, you’ll quickly settle into a fun, relaxing Sunday afternoon above the city streets.