Brooklyn Grange offers a myriad of ways for you to discover the amazing world of bees! From ticketed workshops to team retreats we've got a class for everyone. If you are interested in our season long beekeeping apprenticeship program please read on below. You can even hire us to come keep bees for you!

Please note that all K-12 classes are offered through our non-profit sister organization City Growers. Please contact them directly at for more information. 

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2018 Beekeeping Apprenticeship Program

This program is now entering its 7th year!  The 2018 program will once again be led by by Carin Zinter, a seasoned beekeeper and instructor. We are honored to have her back! Classes take place inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard, on our dedicated beekeeping classroom rooftop.

The program will take students from the very beginning with building hives and installing brand new packages of bees, straight through to harvesting honey and preparing for winter. Students will start and tend multiple hives for the entire program. It'll be just like having your own rooftop apiary for the season! Most sessions are 3 hours long, with both apiary time and classroom time involved.  Each student will have course-long access to: veil, gloves, hive tool, and smoker. Text book is included in tuition.  

The program schedule is set for 15 Sundays between March and November, from 11am-2pm, though we reserve the right to reschedule due to weather, typically to the Saturday before a given session. The syllabus is also a general guideline that is subject to change, especially in the beginning. One of the realities of beekeeping is that there is never a set date to receive your bees. Weather and Mother Nature can throw all manner of curve balls, so its typical to not actually know your bee arrival date until maybe a week before. There's your very first lesson!

Interested in a Level 2 apprenticeship or have general questions? Email Carin

Classes meet from 11:00am to 2:00pm.
Please note: this schedule is tentative and may change based on weather or the needs of the honey bees.

Sunday, March 18
Introduction and Beekeeping Fundamentals

Sunday, March 25
Beekeeping Equipment and Hive Building Workshop

Sunday, April 8
Three Castes, Honey Bee Development, and Package Installation (part 1)

Sunday, April 22
Three Castes, Honey Bee Development, and Package Installation (part 2)

Sunday, April 29
Hive Inspection Basics

Sunday, May 20
Swarming, Splits, and Requeening

Sunday, June 3
Honey Bee Reproduction

Sunday, June 10
Diseases and Pests (part 1)

Sunday, July 1
Diseases and Pests (part 2)

Sunday, July 29
Varroa Mites

Sunday, August 12

Sunday, August 26
Fall Feeding

Saturday, September 22
Honey Extraction (class held at NYC Honey Festival in the Rockaways)

Sunday, September 30
Winter Preparations

Sunday, October 14
Honey Tasting and Party on the Farm! 

Beekeeping Apprenticeship
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