Intro to Beekeeping

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Intro to Beekeeping


Intro to Beekeeping at Brooklyn Grange Flagship Farm in Long Island City, Queens

Monday September 12th

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM


Bees bees bees! We love them, come see why! Meet our hives and learn the basics of beekeeping in the city.


What's all the buzz about? Bees! Now more than ever, bees are having a moment in the sun for their importance in pollinating the plants that produce our food. As farmers, they've got our vote.


Tim Cerniglia of Bee Kind Farms will lead a roundtable discussion and presentation about the importance of honeybees in our urban ecosystem. He’ll cover the basics of getting started with your own hive and explain some of the tools of the trade. From there, you'll suit up and get to observe a hive-check to see what a healthy hive looks like! We'll be on the lookout for a healthy queen, bees busy making honey, pollen stores and more.


Expect to be fascinated, awed, and slightly in love with these little ladies by the time the workshop is over. You'll start to notice honeybees all over the city once you know what to look for!


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